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We are a small family foundation seeking to make a difference in a world of many needs.

reviving the american dream

Cesilia and Paola San Francisco-based EARN is the only asset-building organization in the nation that uses market-based principles to open the door to financial success for the working poor. According to executive director Ben Mangan, “EARN is reviving the American dream and making it something to truly believe in again.” Cesilia agrees. She is an immigrant from Honduras and a single working mother determined to giver her daughter, Paola, a future filled with choices. Read more about Cecilia and Paola

promoting comprehensive economic community development

Alice Liu Sales at Cones n' Cakes had been flat for months. But that turned around after the owner, Alice Liu, worked with the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), a community-based, economic development corporation located in the Mission District of San Francisco. After working with MEDA, Alice incorporated a coffee shop within her ice-cream business and increased sales by 15% in one month. Read more about Alice’s success